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Admission Policy

Dates of Admission

Children are admitted in September every year. If children are moving from another country or school, they can be admitted at any time in the school year provided there is a space in the class of their age group.  There is an admission limit of 16 students per class in Pre-School and Junior School and 20 students per class in Senior School.

Assessment Strategy

All prospective children from age 4 are assessed according to a set of pre-determined criteria (literacy, numeracy and comprehension skills) to determine the student’s ability and aptitude.

Senior School Students will sit the school entrance exam in Math, English & Science.  

A Level candidates must meet the entry requirements as stated in the A Level Programme guide. Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.

Depending on the outcome of the assessment and space availability, a place is offered.   

Once a child is offered admission into IIS, the parent/guardian needs to:

  1. 1. Pay a registration fee which entitles them to a registration pack containing all registration forms, list of requirements,      curriculum information, parents’ handbook and IIS Year Book from the preceding year.
  2. 2. Complete and return the registration forms with photocopies of previous school reports/final assessments, photocopies of passport or birth certificate, vaccination card and 2 passport photographs.
  3. 3. Collect a letter of admission for  his/her child(ren) from the School Office.
  4. 4. Pay School and other required fees.