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At IIS, we highly value our connection with our former students. We celebrate the achievements and experiences of our Alumni with students, staff and the local community.

Alumni are regularly invited back to mentor, guide and, most importantly, inspire our current students.

IIS is highly active across social media. Our Alumni are encouraged to engage with each other and the school via our Alumni Facebook page, where we will also publicise our Alumni‚Äôs achievements and share memories of our School.                       


The Alumni exists to:

  • -   provide friendship and a connection among former students.
  • -   afford a ready means of communication between former students and to maintain their connection with IIS.
  • -   promote the interests, welfare, and educational aims of IIS.

In addition, IIS welcomes the support of the Alumni to help advance the welfare of the School.


  • -   To disseminate information among former students relating to the development of IIS.
  • -   To promote IIS through continued Alumni interest and to share their knowledge and experience,
  •      both academic and otherwise, with current students of IIS.
  • -   To establish and maintain a link with all Alumni, current students, the School and with the community at large.

If you are happy to have your profile included on the website, or you have any old School photographs you wish to share, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post to our Facebook page, IIS Alumni.