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IIS Values (2)

Statement on Inclusion


To develop knowledgeable, confident and open-minded world citizens.

Mission Statement

To offer a high quality international education in a stimulating, challenging and caring environment. We aim to give each student every opportunity to realize his or her maximum potential academically and as an individual, while at the same time teaching them to live harmoniously as part of a diverse community.


To maintain a high standard of education.

To support each child in achieving his/her full potential.

To develop open, inquiring minds and inspire creativity and a love of learning.

To promote respect and tolerance towards others.

To offer a wide range of relevant learning experiences in a positive and caring atmosphere.

To enable students to continue their education anywhere in the world.

To foster an awareness of the wider world and a sense of belonging to the global community.

To encourage the development of knowledge and appreciation of the host country.

To inculcate respect and concern for the local community.